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A basic web site can be set up and operated for a year for $250.00. This includes the domain name of the site, the storage space for the site, and the placing of basic information on the site.

The web site owner can then update information and make basic changes at their own discretion.

Additional work by LMFWEB Services is based on a $50.00 per hour fee.

After the first year, the fee for the website, the domain name, and the storage space is $150 annually. (For example, the first year the site operated would cost $250.00. The next, and subsequent years, would cost $150.00 per year. This excludes any additional work the customer desires- This is billed at $50.00 per hour).

Contact Information: Mike Jones- Email or phone: (843) 687-4823

A web site requires FOUR ELEMENTS:

1) SPACE for the files, graphics, and other information to reside. Normally, this space is rented from a web hosting company.

2) DOMAIN NAME (Your Website "address"- like www.lmfweb.com). Domain names are purchased on an annual basis and must be renewed each year in order to be registered (so the Internet will know where to look for your site).

3) INFORMATION files that tell and/or show visitors to your site your message, product, or information.

4) STRUCTURE AND LINKS to enable visitors to navigate to different areas of the site and to understand what they are seeing or reading. This is the job of the website designer. Using your input and information he designs a site that will convey your site in a pleasing way to the world.